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It is with great pride that I write as the new Supervisor of Cognitio College (Kowloon) and Cognitio College (Hong Kong). Having served Cognitio College (Kowloon) for nearly 40 years, a journey from being teacher, a Panel Head, a Vice Principal to the Principal, I was deeply alive to the genuine meaning of “a school is not a building”, quoted from Prof. Henderson, the former Dean of Faculty of Education in the University of Hong Kong, who delivered a speech upon officiating at the Opening Ceremony of Cognitio College.

The school is where education takes place by inculcation in the students of core values. Our School Founders have passed on to us the mission of building a school with a caring culture that exhibits “gratitude” within the community. In the meantime, our school implements values education fostering students’ positive attitudes. Apart from enhancing the abilities of our students in knowledge acquisition, we lay more emphasis on nurturing them with the character strengths (e.g. perseverance) for tackling problems during their growth. Facing the unprecedented challenges in this perplexing world, students ought to be equipped with necessary generic abilities and skills for thorough analysis; as well as developed with essential virtues (e.g. humanistic qualities, humility, respect for others with different opinions, races and cultures) for living in harmony. Our students should live up to the expectations to become socially responsible citizens who possess a sense of national identity and widen their horizons to reach out to the world.

Nowadays, our knowledge expands and technology advances to the extent far beyond our imaginations. We commit ourselves to help our students develop a growth mindset to try different tactics for acquiring knowledge and skills, to embrace failures as opportunities, as well as to self-improve their abilities continuously. Confronting the torrent of rapid scientific and technological developments, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Education is a focus of our major concerns, aiming as unleashing student’s creativity with new perspectives. Residing in Hong Kong, the international leading centre for finance, shipping and trade, and grounding on the Mainland China as our hinterland, our students should be polished with desirable language skills, consolidated with a broad base of knowledge and equipped with an innovative mind in order to connect with the world. Being a global citizen, students should also proactively participate in and enhance their awareness in environment related activities for the mitigation of extreme climate change and conservation of our natural ecosystem. I strongly believe that our good education could facilitate our students to strive for excellence and commit themselves to our society and Country at large.

I am also delighted to share the exciting news with you that the Cognitio College is approaching its diamond jubilee. To commemorate this special occasion, we will launch a series of activities to celebrate the founding of Cognitio College 60 years ago. The epic of the journey will enable the school to move forward and transform for the better to honour the past efforts and contribution of our predecessors. With our concerted efforts, let us all work together to realize our Anniversary Slogan, “Cognitio Diamond, Eternal Brilliance!”

Au-Yeung Wai Yin (Ms.)