School Name and Emblem

School Name

Our school stresses a balanced education and places equal emphasis on the development of knowledge in both the arts and sciences, which is reflected in the school’s Chinese name “文理” meaning literally the “arts and sciences”. “Cognitio”, our school’s English name, is a Latin word meaning “learning” or “acquisition of knowledge”. As the Chinese and English names suggest, our school promotes a quest for knowledge and advocates all-round education.


School Emblem

Every school emblem tells a story. So does ours. The design of our winter school emblem resembles a large shield embracing a smaller one with the school name written underneath. A dragon, a symbol of energy and vitality as well as a representation of Chinese traditional culture and values, is carved on the larger shield, whereas the capital letters “A”and“S”, which represent the “arts” and “sciences” respectively, are found on the smaller shield. The arts and sciences are complementary in nature: the former stresses spiritual fulfilment while the latter seeks to explore the physical world and improve our living environment. In the emblem,“A”and“S”are linked up by an olive branch, which symbolises the unity of the arts and sciences and accentuates their importance in bringing prosperity and peace to our society. The shields in the emblem symbolise “perseverance” and the “unyielding attitude”that permeates the school’s approach to the education of our students. The design of our summer school emblem is relatively simpler, having only a small shield with the school name written underneath.

Winter Emblem

Summer Emblem


School Song

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