This year, Cognitio Collage - a collection of the English writing of students in Cognitio College (Kowloon) marks its fifth year of publication.  Carefully selected work of students’ daily writings with a new section of student poems are now available for all to enjoy.  Our team of English teachers made efforts to ensure as many classes are represented in the publication.  In the past year, thanks to our NET Ms Laena Kostianos and Ms Lois Kostianos, we nurtured a group of aspiring student poets, who surprised all of us with poems of audacity and sophistication.   We hope that you will enjoy reading other students’ work.  We very much hope this will also inspire you to try writing.  Hope your work will appear in our next issue.  Have fun reading.

Principal Au-Yeung Wai Yin

Cognitio Collage 2018-2019




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