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New outlook and a continued legacy

To meet the new challenges in the 21st Century with the advancement in technology and bloom of knowledge, the use of the new campus at Kai Tak since 2019 has marked a new page for Cognitio College (Kowloon).  As said, “a school is not a building”, the goal of campus establishment is to be actualized through the development of the College into an environmentally proactive, creative, open and learning (ECOL) school.  I believe that learning should not be restrained by physical boundaries and a successful school should reach out to the community as well as allow the community to reach in.  Our campus comprises 4 building blocks (the junior and senior teaching blocks, the Complex and the Learning Common) situated on top of a double-floor multi-function podium.  Central to the ECOL school is our vision to promote sustainable development and enrich the cultural life of our students and the local community.  Environmental education and creative arts education will be the key focuses.  The school plans to build a harmonious community by “opening” the campus for providing various environmental education programmes, cultural and artistic performances and event management services to the public.  With its rich facilities with respect to supporting students’ cultural, creative and technological endeavours, the school will continue to be a “learning” community, aiming at stretching the potentials of our students to the fullest through whole-person development, as well as equipping them with necessary knowledge, skills and values as self-directed learners.


The establishment of the new campus is due to the concerted and relentless efforts made by our Incorporated Management Committee (IMC), the Cognitio College Foundation, staff, alumni and other fellow stakeholders, including the Education Bureau, Architectural Services Department, the architect and the building contractors. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks to them. In exchange for a better learning and teaching environment, the college founders agreed to surrender the proprietary rights of the former campus at 96 King Fuk Street to the government. The altruistic patronage by the founders deserves our heartfelt respect and salute. In the meantime, I am truly thankful to our donors for their generous support regarding to enriching the school facilities. All these invaluable contributions to the school stem from our core value of the caring culture and the mission of “gratitude” laid in Cognitio College for years as tradition. Grounded on the core value and mission, I have confidence that our school will excel in all pursuits.

The IMC has appointed Mr. Tam Kwok Hin, following Ms. Au-yeung Wai Yin, to serve as the Principal with effect from 1 September 2021. With the hard work and dedication of Ms. Au-yeung and her team, both the intake of S1 students and the HKDSE results have become increasingly more satisfactory in these years. I am sure that Mr. Tam can pick up the momentum and make good use of the living campus and its facilities to offer quality education to students with extensive learning opportunities. One of the recent major concerns would be “creating an English-learning environment with authentic contexts”, hoping that the language proficiency of our students would be further enhanced.

I wish you all living with joy and kindness!


Poon Shun Kwok, Albert