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From the Supervisor's Desk

On the Path of Innovation, We Share, We Care

As autumn rolls in, we prepare for a new school year.  Last year, in learning and teaching, we put much emphasis on raising the learning effectiveness by promoting independent learning and STEM education. In student development, we advocated values education and experiential learning.  With active participation in various activities and external competitions, students began to appreciate the fruits of independent learning and experiential learning.

Learning is a life-long process.  Students applied their study skills and thinking skills in their learning processes.  Students tried out their hands in sharing their best work and appreciating others’ efforts in the first Learning Celebration last year.  Some students applied their creative writing skills in Chinese poems and story writing and have gained numerous prizes from inter-school competitions.  All these demonstrated that the learning effectiveness is raised once the students are motivated to learn on the right track.  In the coming year, we shall direct all our efforts in shaping students to become self-motivated, goal-oriented and resourceful learners who can direct their own learning.


We kick-started various STEM projects in the College to nurture independent learning, creativity and perseverance of students.  Our students enjoyed and has won prizes like Champion in Robotics Intelligence DIY 2016 organized by Hong Kong Science Museum, Leisure & Cultural Services Department and Creative Power Education Association.  Near the end of the year, in the 2nd Learning Celebration, students presented their individual science projects.  I was very impressed with the scope of the projects and the zeal of the students.  The college shall continue to offer a wide variety of STEM Ed related courses and competitions that will encourage scientific and innovative minds to bloom and grow.  Innovation and creativity through STEM education and self-directed learning shall continue to be our focal points.

Academic excellence does not mean a complete education.  Our future stars also need a good values education, which shall be part of the curriculum.  To achieve this aim, all subjects will incorporate elements of morality, sustainability of the planet, as well as care and concern into daily teaching.  As we all know, while books offer a rich reserve of knowledge; experience brings knowledge to life.  In addition to enriching our reading programmes, our colleagues put in relentless efforts in organizing and offering experiential-learning activities to ensure students are given ample opportunities to bring knowledge alive.

Shortly before summer vacation, students of the College set off to Brighton, United Kingdom: a first-time trip out of Asia, a journey of self-discovery, friendship and cultural exchange and a celebration of the efforts of TeamX, our newly established student body of the best students from all levels.  Six of the high flyers, who excelled in academia, personal development and service to the school, were awarded full scholarship on the tour.  Sponsors of the scholarship, a charity fund from an alumnus, and myself alike, believe that young minds shall be given opportunities to roam the world in order to be able to soar high.  Upon completion of the programme, they will conduct further activities and share their valuable experiences with the schoolmates, to realize their mission and vision to strengthen the spirit of sharing, care and concern of the school.

Last June, the Finance Committee of LegCo approved the funding of the construction of our new campus, shortly after our Spring Alumni Reunion Dinner.  The occasion saw long-time friends and past students gather for an evening of reminiscences and a glimpse of the new school premises, and also marked the beginning of fund-raising events for the project.  Construction work will begin this winter and we eagerly await the arrival of our brand-new state-of-the art campus at Kai Tak in early 2019.

I wish you all another fruitful and joyful year.


Albert S.K. Poon