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The Way Forward

New Beginnings

September marks the beginning of another school year; it marks the end of our Sanpokong campus as well.  It is a year of mixed feelings of excitement and nostalgia.  In the midst of numerous meetings and hectic lesson preparations, it is truly a time to count our blessings from all the years past.  This autumn, we are reaping the fruits of the past.  Cognitio College has made it this far.  From our humbled beginnings in 1962 to our state-of-the-art campus in 2019, we have stayed true to our mission.  ‘A school is not a building, but its people.’

To this end, amidst the rage of STEM and the advent of new buildings, we draw our attention back to our people’s character and quality.  Shaping our students to be more introspective.  Be a considerate citizen and show care and concern for others.  Be grateful for all the experiences and opportunities.  Be mature and responsible for themselves and others.  We believe these personal qualities are immensely powerful, especially in current times of conflicts, both on national and personal scales.  Education shapes young minds, who will inherit the future world.  Our work as a school today, contributes to the future of the world.


Care and concern is a major concern both inside and outside the classroom this year.  Globalisation has led to extensive cultural exchanges around the globe.  To make the most of being a global citizen, an open mind, and an open heart are paramount.  Elements of understanding and caring about others are incorporated into teaching and learning.  Social and community service, cultural activities, mental health programmes are also strengthened through co-curricular activities this year.  By understanding differences, we strive to achieve harmony across society.

Living in a city of plenty, it is easy to fall prey into complacency and entitlement.  We feel it is important to remind our students to be grateful.  Through teaching and learning activities, culminating to a Gratitude Week shortly before Christmas, we hope to instill in our students feelings of satisfaction that comes from within.  Learn to appreciate and to give back.  Be satisfied and happy with what you have helps to achieve harmony in our hearts.

Many reports on the lack of responsibility displayed by public figures may not be good role models for our future generations.  Thus we realize the urgency to take this matter into our own hands – to gently guide our students on the right track towards maturity and responsibility.  With rights come responsibility.  This is the cornerstone of a civilized modern society.  With our guidance, we hope our students will learn the importance of shouldering responsibilities.  As such, they shall grow up to a better future upholding modern civilization.

With a harmonious future in mind, we are easing ourselves into closing a chapter – the Sanpokong chapter.  Construction of the Kai Tak campus shall complete in the first quarter of 2019, and finishing touches shall be made on completion of construction.  We are expecting to see the brand new buildings before the close of 2018/19 school year.  Closing of the SPK campus shall take place in July 2019.  A time to truly bid farewell to an era.  This year, we would like to invite you all to reminisce with us all the past events and happenings that shaped you and the College.


Principal Au-Yeung Wai Yin
September 2018