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The Way Forward

Moving Towards Excellence We Share We Care


This is a monumental year for the College.  Our new Kai Tak campus, 7 years in the making, finally opens its doors for the new school year.

The College aspires to develop into an ECOL – Environmentally-proactive, Creative, Open and Learning – school.  We hope our students will bear positive values and care for their community.  They will become lifelong learners who will strive for their best to contribute to society, nation and the world.  The new campus at Kai Tak houses the best facilities to offer our students the best learning environment.


Environmental education is a major element in our curriculum and co-curricular activities. Students will practise and experience sustainable development at its best in the new campus: 30% of the campus area is green space. Classroom lighting is eco-friendly. Rainwater harvest system is installed to collect rainwater for irrigation. Solar panels on the roof are connected to CLP power. Students can monitor the electricity consumption of their own classrooms. The campus is designed with a lot of open space to encourage air flow. Our campus design received the Merit Prize in Hong Kong Green Building Council Green Building Award in 2016. In the College, the Green Team organizes various environmentally-friendly activities such as Ocean Park’s Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme, HKBU’s organic farming activity and Organic Day, to name but a few. It is hoped that our students will be ambassadors to share green living concepts with the residents in the Kai Tak area.

Another treasured element of the college is creative thinking skills. Through self-directed learning, we encourage our students to think out of the box, to create and to persevere. In the new campus, the Creative Media Room, Makerspace, Multimedia Learning Room, Symphonic Studio and Drama Studio provide students with state-of-the-art facilities to develop their artistic and creative capabilities. Creativity, coupled with technological skills, equip our young people to navigate the 21st century hi-tech information highway. Thus, STEM education, as in the previous years, continues to be a main focus of our curriculum.

Care and concern has long been a cherished tradition of the College. Through experiential learning, our students become caring citizens always willing to serve their community. Each form level cultivates a core value to reach this end. Our students are active volunteers. CYC, S2 and S4 students were highly commended for their work in social service. In the new Kai Tak campus, we will encourage our students to reach out to the local community through cultural and artistic activities.

School is a place for learning. E-learning is the current trend. Our College has developed our own school-based e-learning platform. An alumnus has generously supplemented the Community Care Fund to provide each and every student with an iPad for learning purposes. In progress is the development of the Smart School Scheme, a platform that allows parents and students to keep track of their learning progress and devise appropriate learning strategies. Small group learning centres and study space on campus are available for group work and self-directed learning. A Synthetic Flight Training Device (FTD) from Aerosim (HK) Ltd in the HK Science Park will be installed in the Computer Room to allow students to simulate piloting experience in the campus.

To become a competent global citizen, strong language skills is of paramount importance. Thus, sponsored by an eminent alumnus, two Native-speaking English tutors are employed this year. Working closely with our present NET, the three of them will further enhance the English environment of the College. One example is the English-speaking lessons and activities in the Hospitality & Culinary Centre, where NET teachers and tutors will teach students cooking, etiquette and food culture around the world. Reading and Joint-school writing workshops can be conducted in the Chinese Language Room. Drama in education (S1-3) will take place in the spacious Drama Studio. The new school library and reading corners will facilitate Reading across the Curriculum to take place.

Cognitio College (Kowloon) is opening its Kai Tak chapter.  We shall endeavour to continue to educate future generations with a good mind and a good heart.


Principal Au-Yeung Wai Yin
September 2019