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Learning and Teaching Strategies

To enhance students’ potential to achieve academic and individual excellence, all subjects actively employ effective curriculum mapping and diversified learning and teaching strategies, strengthen reading across the curriculum schemes and adopt assessment for learning strategies to enhance learning effectiveness and nurture students’ creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills. Cross-curricular reading schemes, multiple-intelligence learning strategies, as well as e-learning and teaching activities, are employed to equip students with effective study skills, and to strengthen their self-directed learning skills. Our school also emphasises STEM education, creativity and holistic thinking. With the organisation of interactive life-wide learning activities, seminars, cultural-exchange trips to various cities in Mainland China, Asia and the United Kingdom, we provide students with authentic experiences in learning and ample opportunities to widen their horizons. The “Learning Celebration” held every term has also helped to cultivate a culture of learning, sharing and appreciation among students.