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Language Policy

Students' language development is always a top priority in our school. We endeavor to maximize students’ use of English in class and around the campus. Our three Native English-speaking teachers conduct speaking classes and activities for all classes, as well as English Drama and Reading lessons for all junior form students. An English-rich environment is created through morning assembly sharing, cross-curricular reading schemes, writing and speaking competitions, English Ambassadors, English Corner, English Kitchen, English Café and academic activities, where students can use English in authentic contexts. Scholarships are provided for students to join the summer English Enhancement Course in the UK. Students are also encouraged to and trained by experienced Native English-speaking experts to participate in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and Inter-school Battle of the Books. In addition, students are encouraged to join inter-school language activities, including Joint-school Chinese Literature Composition Competition and Joint-school Reading Club, which have proved to widen their knowledge base and raise their language power.

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