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Other Learning Experiences (OLE)

Our students have outstanding performances in various academic activities. In the 10th Joint School Creative Writing Contest, our students won the Champions in Poetry Writing (Junior Forms) and Essay Writing (Junior Forms) and (Senior Forms), the 2nd runner-up in Poetry Writing (Junior Forms) and (Senior Forms) and in Mini-Fiction Writing (Junior Forms). In the 68th Hong Kong Speech Festival, two S1 students won the Champions and the 1st runner-up in Solo Verse Speaking (Chinese Poetry) and another student won the 2nd runner-up in Solo Verse Speaking (Chinese Prose Reading). One student won the 2nd runner-up and 16 students got merit certificate in English Solo Verse Speaking. In addition, our students won the Champion of “Shorts on Stage” Drama Competition organized by EDB NET Section. For Mathematics, a S3 student got the Third Class Award in the Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO) Chinese Racing Cup (Final) and the Silver Award in the Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest (Semi-final).Three students also won the Silver Award in the AIMO (Semi-final). Besides, a group of BAFS students gained the Proficiency Team in the HKICPA Accounting and Business Management Case Competition 2016-2017 and the team leader was awarded the HKICPA/HKABE Joint Scholarship for BAFS.

We have actively participated in various STEM activities. Our students won the Best Story Creation Award in the 3D Stop Motion Competition organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and City University of Hong Kong. Another group of students won the Best Creative Presentation Award in the 2016/17 Creative Coder Competition (Junior Secondary) organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. In the Joint School Miniature Vibration Robot Relay 3.0 – Mechanical organized by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association Science Innovation Centre, one team got 2nd Merit Award and three teams got 3rd Merit Award.

For Visual Arts, our students won the 1st runner-up and two Merit Awards (Western Painting) (Senior Secondary) in the 6th World Children Art Awards 2017. Our school also achieved the Excellent Art Education Award to recognise our efforts in Art Education.

For music, our students have won the 2nd runner-up in the Recorder Band and a student got an Honours Certificate in Zheng Solo (Advanced) in the 69th Hong Kong Music Festival. Our students also got merit certificates in 15 categories. For drama, our students won the Outstanding Stage Effect and Outstanding Cooperation and two students got the Outstanding Actors Award in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2016-2017. The results are pleasing. 

For sports, in the Inter-school Track and Field Competition, our Girls A Grade won the champions in 100m, 200m and 400m races, 1st runner-up in hurdles and 2nd runner-up in javelin. Boys in A, B and C Grades also got four 1st runner-up and one 2nd runner-up in various events. Our Boys Basketball Team won the Champion of the Wong Tai Sin District Recreation and Sports Cup.

In services, the Girl Guides (84th EKC) has won the Outstanding Girl Guide Award for ten consecutive years and our Outstanding Member of the Community Youth Club was elected to join the Korean Exchange Programme. With the efforts on career and life planning education, our Life Planning Team was elected the Caring School by EDB.